Retail NI Welcomes Belfast City Centre Study on Pedestrianisation

Retail NI has welcomed the decision of Belfast City Councils City Growth Committee to jointly commission a study with the Departments of Infrastructure and Communities on how to make the City Centre more accessible and welcoming.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“We welcome this proposal of a joint study on how to make the city centre more inclusive, accessible and become more family-friendly for shoppers and tourists”

“Retail NI is very ambitious for Belfast and we believe that a 21st Century city centre can be created with a dynamic retail and hospitality offer. It also needs to be a fun place for families to visit and enjoy”

“It is vital that this study engages with all the key stakeholders in business and transport and also developers to ensure that all views are heard on the Pedestrianisation issue”

“We look forward to working with Council and Government departments on this joint study”

“There is no reason, with the right investment and partnership, that Belfast couldn’t be in the top ten of retail destinations in the UK"

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