Retail NI Supports Draft EU Deal

Retail NI has, after careful consideration of the 500-page document and meetings with NIO and Cabinet Office officials in London, given its support to the draft deal.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“This deal is by no means perfect but it is preferable to the economic disaster of a no deal. If this deal is not voted through the House of Commons then we face the chaos of the UK crashing out of the EU”

“We are satisfied that it gives protection to the vital retail supply chain and ensures businesses will have full and tariff free access to the UK and EU Single Markets” 

“Northern Ireland could potentially be the bridge to the EU and have the best of both worlds in regard to UK and EU”

“Nearly every Northern Ireland business organisation and sector of the economy is supporting this deal. MP’s in all parties need to listen to what we are saying”

“Our economy, future prosperity and people’s jobs must be put first before politics”