Retail NI Reaction to UK Labour Manifesto

Commenting on the publication of the UK Labour Party’s Manifesto Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“This manifesto is a radical and challenging document for the economy”

“Climate Change and the role of the private sector is rightly listed as a central priority in this manifesto. The retail sector wants to play its part in a stronger partnership with the UK Government to address the critical environment challenge”

“Retail NI welcomes Labour’s manifesto commitments to banning ATM charges, revitalising the Post Office network and implementing a retail sector industrial strategy”

“The Labour Party has also pledged an additional £1.9 billion for Northern Ireland which we hope would be largely ring-fenced for economic development and infrastructure investment”

“The proposed £10 Living Wage is a very significant challenge and concern for Retail NI members. Our members are paying the highest business rates in the UK and unless we get a big reduction in business rates, this £10 rate may be unaffordable for many of them”

“The high cost of doing business in Northern Ireland must be an urgent priority for an incoming Stormont administration and UK Government”


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