NIIRTA Comment On Internacionale Administration and Seaforde ATM Robbery

The Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) has described clothing retailer Internacionale going into administration as a big loss to the local retail sector and high streets. 

 NIIRTA Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“Sadly it is looking likely that Internacionale will be joining the list of retailers closing their doors as a result of the recession”
“It is a sad loss both to our local retail sector, high streets and reduces footfall for those town centres Internacionale stores where located”
“While consumer confidence is growing, it sadly seems to have come too late for Internacionale”
Commenting on last night's ATM robbery of Seaforde NIIRTA member, Brennans, Glyn Roberts said:
“This is a disgraceful attack on a well respected independent retailer who provides local employment and a community service”
“It is an attack on the whole community”
“I hope that this robbery is not a return to the widespread attacks several years ago which caused millions of pounds of damage to our members”
“I would urge anyone with information on this attack to contact the PSNI”
Glyn Roberts can be contacted on 07515710517